August 16, 2022


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The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says storing a vehicle during this time can be easily achieved. “If, however, you do not properly care for your vehicle during long periods where the car is not in use, it can result in additional maintenance and servicing costs.”


The following should be done:

  • Preferably fill up the petrol tank. The fuller the tank, the less likely it is that moist air will get into the engine forming condensation and possibly rust.
  • Maintain the charge in your battery. Every week or so, start the vehicle and let it run for five minutes. If your car is in the garage, be sure to open the garage door first. For batteries in good condition, you should not have a problem. Older batteries may need to be charged before you drive again.
  • Another option is to disconnect the battery until you are ready to use the vehicle.
  • Close your doors and windows properly to prevent bugs or small animals from getting into the car.
  • Give your vehicle a good clean before parking it away. Wash off dust and animal droppings from the exterior to prevent damage to the paintwork and empty the interior to prevent nasty surprises when you get in again.
  • Lastly, cover your vehicle. This is especially so if you only park under a carport or in the open but even vehicles parked inside a garage will collect dust. If you do not have a cover for your car use an alternative such as a large sheet, something is better than nothing.


Spend some time on your vehicles so that they are ready to go once lockdown is lifted. “You can quickly and easily prepare your vehicle. If you have not already done so, it might worth your while to spend some time on your car,” says Herbert.

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