January 26, 2022


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Costa Mokola

Temptation: more than Lives up to the ‘ultimate driving experience’ description

I’ve got one song to describe the ecstasy of roaming the streets in what should be considered the benchmark of luxury sedans: Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics. If you’re a BMW fan-boy or a 3-series driver, you’d probably say to yourself “who am I to disagree”.

I found this song fitting for the G20 320i – a mouthful I know – because when I looked up what the meaning of the song was, one website explained that the singer had a neverending search for contentment.
It just seemed that no matter where she went on earth she was surrounded by people “consumed by sweet dreams” and who “aspire to live out their fantasies”.

I’m not saying that BMW drivers are never content with their cars. I own an E90 3 series and never felt the need to move on from the trance it’s put me in.

I’ve always wanted something that wasn’t really fast but would accommodate a small family and not destroy my wallet at the petrol station. But In the beginning, I got this car for all the wrong reasons.

I wanted to be viewed as an executive, I wanted power and to drive past my old high school and make the teachers who thought I’d never make it feel inferior to my supreme self.

But then I started to mature and began to see it as an achievement due to the hard work my fiancé and I pushed for. The E90 did not have to be my first BMW, it could have been an older model, but regardless of the age the brand will still give a sense of accomplishment.

With that said, I know now that my editor assigned the G20 to me for a reason. Not only was it to see if “the ultimate driving experience” label still sticks to the brand’s breadwinner 11 years after my E90, but also if this car is worth the money when considering an upgrade.

Firstly, I don’t mean to brag, but I do have a stunning fiancé who has everything I wanted in a lady. But in the looks department, she would strangle me if she knew I secretly placed the G20’s design on her level.
Just like its predecessors, the styling of this generation served more like a refreshed update than an extreme evolution into something else.


It pays some homage to the E46s headlights (produced from 1997 to 2006) with a square but curved design, the previous generation M3 styled body kit on the M Sport packages, with the only dull feature being the fake vents on the back bumper.
I stepped inside and immediately had to wrap my head around this alien technology my colleagues call iDrive. I say alien since it’s the first time I’ve used it and no doubt it is worlds apart from the old monotone screen that only features things like your trip computer or tire pressure warning lights. Regardless, after fiddling on the system in the parking lot for 10 minutes, I eventually achieved my bachelor’s degree in navigating the iDrive – thanks to Google. The system features gimmicks like gesture control, so if your passenger does Donald Trump-level gestures prepare for a lot of station changing.

There’s also an active 360º view of your surroundings at all times and wireless charging for your high-end smartphone.
What stood out for me the most was the reverse assistant. It remembers your steering movements when driving into a parking space, then while you apply and release the brake it will maneuver its way out.

I warmly welcomed the 135kW, 300Nm 2-liter turbo motor, which as I said, does not need to be the fastest thing out there but has to be quirky enough to overtake swiftly and have enough power to keep me grinning. I just wish it could have been accompanied by a six-speed manual but you still get smooth quick shifts on an eight-speed automatic. You can get all this and much more from only R649 253 and, if you take my word for it, it’s worth it.

I have my own “sweet dream”, but the G20 lives up to that “ultimate driving experience” more than my E90 3 series. And who am I to disagree?

E90 Image by Netcarshow

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