January 26, 2022


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Need for speed: Heat review

Costa Mokola

Game changer? well not really.

After some time of anxious waiting for their next Need For speed installment, EA finally delivered NFS Heat.

Need for speed releases a game about once every two years or so this gave them a lot of time to listen in. Without a doubt many on social media have been trying to get their thoughts across on what would make the 2019 successor worthy of everyone’s money.
Yet I must say that in some areas they delivered and on others it felt just, well, boring.

Need For Speed made an impact on me in the early 2000s with underground and underground 2 , the later officially cementing my love for customizing cars. Both these releases seemed revolutionary in a sense that it allowed us to tune and customize in a way that reflects who we are as individuals.

Over time the franchise integrated the online features that allowed us to race others from around the world or like in NFS Payback for example. You could also showcase your ride at a car meet for some photo shoots.

I felt these small ideas worked and made you get this special connection with the project you raced hard to perfect and show off to other players.

As for Heat the trailers had my excitement growing on what could most likely be one of the best products from the franchise. It offered a fresh story mode, engine swaps and small details like customizing the exhaust notes. But was this really worth the money?
The graphics are okay with the exception that it can take time for them to load fully depending on the console you’re using. Some other bugs pop up when u drive into trees- it seems like your cars teleport into the fourth dimension.

The one issue I hated is that the game feels rushed. Like they did not really get too creative with the amount of things you could do while exploring the open world and the story mode ends way too soon.

Regardless the racing is energetic especially when you’re in night mode where the police -who’s cars are made of superman’s skin- will chase you till you in the hopes of taking away all that sweet money and rep you worked so hard for.

The story mode opens up in tragedy when you lose the yellow Volvo displayed on the cover after a crazy cop chase. This is where I met one of the most annoying fictional police officers named Shaw, who I rank second after Frank Tenpenny (from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas).

Your crew will consist of the two siblings Luke and Ana. Luke been hands on with the tools and Ana fueling your drive for racing, all this just to get into the league and earn some serious money.

After a few hours of hustling for rep and parts, the gang uncovers a few secrets the police are keeping from the public and concludes with an epic ending as you’re rewarded with a slap of nostalgia when chasing down the Most wanted M3 GTR- it’s a real big deal to all us NFS fans-.

After the fat lady sang, I was left disappointed. I wish it had a longer story line and just a bit more attention to detail on some parts of the game. I defiantly was not a fan of all the ramps we had to go through so often since it gives off an asphalt type feel to the game.

I feel the game could appeal to a much younger audience as the more mature guys would prefer a bit more realism in the likes of Forza and Gran Turismo. I don’t feel its worth the R1000 bucks if your more for realism, but if you enjoy that arcade feel to your game then this could be for you.

Images: Need For Speed
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